Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scotts Platoon- Mad Dawgs

Lets go Mad Dawgs!!

Scotts Platoon- 1St Plt
Front row all the way to the left

Scott right in front with his Battle Buddie: SPC Engel

Doing PT Tests- Find Waldo, LOL
Hint he has on a red vest

Scott is on the right

Offical Countdown!

Chloe and i have been counting down the days of school she has left since she gets to miss he last week of school. She so excited! After today she only has 5 days left till we leave for Missouri to go see Scott Graduate. Shes way more excited to see him since she didnt get to go to Reno with me and Aaron when Kaylene died :-( It just wasnt possible at the time for her to go. She has already requested that he go swimming with us. I have been ready to pack for our trip since the beginning of the week. We officially have 11 days till we leave but none of us can wait.

I love him!

Yep you guessed it! More pictures. Pictures say way more than i could ever dream


My Love! My Luck

So as most of you know Scotts mom passed away recently and we were lucky enough to have Scott back in Reno for the week before the funeral. Ashley took some really good pictures for us at the airport and there are some at the house that i want to share.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Tricks!!!

Aaron is getting to be such a big boy! Hes getting around the house and pulling up to things. He's almost on the verge of standing up. We within the past week he has started sitting up all by himself. So today i decided to sit him in the bathtub . He's so dang cute. I can't believe he's ours. Such a happy little guy. I know parents always have the embarrassing pictures of their babies in the tub, So enjoy! :-)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Adoption and the Temple!!!

We are so excited to finally have the adoption finalized this week. We go to court Thursday June 10th at 11 am! Then after that Chloe can be sealed to Scott and I. This is something i have wanted for a long time and now its happening! I can't believe it. We have asked Scott's grandpa to seal her to us. Since he sealed us in Houston. The sealing will take place here in Logan. It's such a beautiful temple. We are planning on the sealing to be either August 14th or the 21st, still not sure which. But both Scott's parents and my mom will be here for it. I love that Chloe is so excited to get to go to the temple with Scott and I. And i love that she wont have to make any hard decisions when it comes to "Who will baptize her?" and "Who gets to stay up worrying when she goes on her first date ?" And most of importantly who her future husband will have to go to when he wants to ask permission for her hand in Marriage. We will all be sealed as an eternal family and thats the most important thing. That we will be together in Heaven. I love Our Heavenly Father and ALL the blessings he has given us as a family and will continue to give our family as he sees fit.